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Power saw and hand tools

Just as a carpenter needs to locate and use the correct tool for the job, teachers need to select technology tools to assist all learners in the classroom. Many tools can also assist in providing Tier 1 differentiated instruction for all learners and Universal Design for Learning. Use this wiki to learn about Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Response to Intervention (RTI), free web tools and assistive technology (AT).
Each set of "tools" might not be all encompassing. Continuing the carpenter analogy, every tool available is not necessary in order to complete a successful project. In addition some manual tools (non-technology) might be better than power tools (technology tools) for some projects. Teachers can fill their own toolbox with specialized tools to make learning more effective and efficient for all all students.
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Please note: I retired from USC in May 2014 and have been helping care for my grandchildren. Although I have been having fun doing that it takes a lot of time and I have not had time to update this wiki since then.

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