Web Resources to Support Written Language & Creative Writing

  • Read, Write, Think’s student materials index – www.readwritethink.org/
  • Writing Fun/www.writingfun.com/ templates for writing
  • Zimmer Twins www.zimmertwins.com/about/teachers Lesson plans for writing and creation tools for digital storytelling

Tools to have students create their own books, reports, timelines, presentations or digital stories

  • Bookbuilder bookbuilder.cast.org Have students create books for others, supports text to speech, and coaches for prompting, scaffolding, directions, or vocabulary
  • CAST Strategy Tutor cst.cast.org/cst/auth-login Teach strategy
  • Science Writer sciencewriter.cast.org/ Reading and writing a science report

  • ToonDoo www.toondoo.com & Teachers Guide toondooguide.wordpress.com Students can create a comic to describe process or tell a story.
  • Make Beliefs Comic Strips www.makebeliefscomix.com/ write in different languages to create your comic strips, what are people saying
  • Strip Generator stripgenerator.com/ Create your own comic strip
  • Professor Garfield Comic Books www.professorgarfield.com/pgf_comics_lab.html
  • Pixton Comics www.pixton.com/schools/overview Create and view comics
  • StoryBird storybird.com/ Collaborative digital StoryTelling
  • Little Bird Tales littlebirdtales.com/ Digital Storytelling for young children
  • KerPoofwww.kerpoof.com/ Create cartoons or a movie (will be closing April 15, 2014)
  • VoiceThread voicethread.com Collaborative story telling with pictures and voice
  • Animoto animoto.com/ Similar to Photostory allows you to put together pictures and narrate
  • Prezi prezi.com create animated and splashy stories and presentations
  • PhotoPeach photopeach.com/ slideshows to go
  • FlipBook simplebooklet.com/ Create flipbooks or presentations online
  • Zooburst www.zooburst.com/ Create popup books online, no text to speech
  • DoInk doink.com create, collaborate and discuss graphics, drawings and animation
  • Imagination Cubed www.imaginationcubed.com/ collaborative drawing or writing just for fun
  • Crayola Coloring and Drawing Application www.crayola.com/coloring_application/index.cfm
  • Creaza www.creazaeducation.com/ Limited free version available to create movies, cartoons
  • ABCya www.abcya.com/animate.htm create animation
  • Culture Street - www.culturestreet.org.uk/ Create an account to experiment with art and animation
  • Digital Storyteller www.digitalstoryteller.org/ a web based tool to provide frictionless access to digital images and materials
  • Aviary Education www.aviaryeducation.com/ Tools: Image editor, Audio Editor and Music Creator
  • Story Jumper www.storyjumper.com/ publish your own children's book
  • Dipity www.dipity.com/ Create an interactive timeline
  • SpicyNodes www.spicynodes.org/ Present information with links to web sites, put in your links & embed
  • GoAnimate goanimate.com Make an animated video
  • Voki www.voki.com/ Create a talking avatar to have it read a student's speech
  • Blabberize www.blabberize.com create a speech and then have different characters speak

Digital Storytelling - Links for Teachers and Teaching

Digital storytelling is just good writing with the added bonus of students getting excited about publishing on the web with movies and sound. These resources will provide you with hints on teaching techniques and tools.

Tools to work on vocabulary, learn about word connections, and obtain ideas for composition

  • WordWeb wordweb.info/free/ vocabulary in your toolbar and use with any application
  • Shahi blachan.com/shahi/ a visual dictionary using pictures from Flickr
  • Visuwords www.visuwords.com/ online graphic dictionary Creates a Visual graphic organizer for a word.
  • Wordia www.wordia.com/ online textual dictionary, where words come to life with videos
  • The Visual Dictionary Onlinevisual.merriam-webster.com/ see vocabulary come alive
  • Wordsift www.wordsift.com Visualize text with this tool, create a visual tool to analyze text and look up vocabulary
  • PicLits www.piclits.com/ picture writing, choose a scene and then drag and drop words on the image to create sentences. Help get started on writing.
  • Museum Box museumbox.e2bn.org/index.php allows students to place items into virtual boxes to create a presentation about a topic or content - useful for science and social studies.
  • WordSmyth new.wordsmyth.net
  • Word of the Day dictionary.reference.com/wordoftheday
  • Vocabahead www.vocabahead.com/ Search word lists view a cartoon photo depicting the word and listen to a clear description of the word within context.
  • WolframAlpha www.wolframalpha.com/ computational Knowledge Engine but also works for vocabulary words too.
  • CAPL Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon capl.washjeff.edu/browse.php
  • Idiom Dictionary www.idiomdictionary.com/ Excellent for those learning English or students who have difficulty understanding idioms

Tools to have fun with Text or pictures

  • Wordle www.wordle.net/ Create word clouds of a series of related words (see header on RTI page)
  • Tagxedo www.tagxedo.com Create word clouds and choose the type of shape for words, paste whole documents
  • Word it Out worditout.com will also work on the iPad in the browser Doodle Buddy (this is an app but if you create a word cloud in Word it out you can edit it in Doodle Buddy)
  • You are your words www.yourareyourwords.com Import your picture and then use words to create your own image.
  • Spell with Flickr metaatem.net/words/ Create a banner with letters in different patterns (see header on Mathematics page)
  • Cool Text cooltext.com/ Text and graphics generator (see header on content practice page)
  • Paint.net www.getpaint.net free image and photo editing software for Windows
  • Teacher Files www.teacherfiles.com Website that allows you to create 3-D headers
  • BeFunky www.befunky.com add a special effect to a photo
  • Shape Collage www.shapecollage.com create a collage with photos
  • BigHugeLabs bighugelabs.com/ have fun with digital images to make motivational posters, color palettes, & more
  • DaFont www.dafont.com/ free funky and fun fonts express yourself with letter shapes
  • Glogster www.glogster.com a way to create your own online posters
  • Wondersay www.wondersay.com/ Animate text
  • Pixlr pixlr.com/editor/
  • Web Resizer www.webresizer.com
  • Pic Resize www.picresize.com


Tools to have fun with Text or pictures

  • Spezify www.spezify.com a search engine that provides links with pictures, and objects (use with caution for potential inappropriate images)
  • SearchCube www.search-cube.com/ alternative search engine that displays images in a cube, individual items can be viewed.

Free Photos and Image

Tools to help with word support: spelling and word prediction

Voice and Speech Recognition

  • eSpeaking www.e-speaking.com/ telling your computer what to do (windows only)


Tools for purchase that make life easier!

  • Live Scribe www.livescribe.com/ records & links audio to what you write
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking www.nuance.com/ speech recognition for Windows, Mac and iPhone, includes word processing
  • Word Q & SpeakQ www.wordq.com word prediction
  • Write Outloud & CoWriter www.donjohnston.com word processing and word prediction
  • Intellitalk www.intellitools.com word processing and word prediction, templates available
  • WYNN www.freedomscientific.com/ comprehensive program for reading and writing
  • Kurzweil 3000 www.kurzweiledu.com/ comprehensive program for reading and writing
  • Read and Write Gold www.texthelp.com

Ideas for using word processing and technology