Always choose the right tools

The use of visuals can be used to provide multiple means of representation for many learners.
Visuals can also be used to support communication or to provide visuals prompts.
Skill saw to represent the use of proper tools

Free Photos and Images to use for curriculum development
Visuals for Augmentative Communication or Visual Schedules

Visual Engines Create visual supports for students
Accessible Use of Color Blog post on the use of color in web design, to make sites accessible and useable.

Google research tool allows you to quickly find images, quotes, and links without leaving your document.

To access the research tool in Google Docs, Presentations, or Drawings just select it from the "tools" menu when you have a document, presentation, or drawing open. If you want to locate images that are licensed for re-use, open the "settings" menu at the bottom of the research pane and select "free to use, share, modify even commercially." Make that selection before conducting your search. If you use Chrome or Firefox you can drag images directly into your document, presentation, or drawing from the research pane.

KeepVid To save YouTube Videos to your computer

Free Photos and Images

EdtechTeacher Information on how to locate public domain images.

Creative Common
Free Photos Morgue file also includes a classroom where you can learn about photography
Pixabay find and share public domain images (use images below the advertised images)
Every Stock Photo search engine for free photos
Free Digital Images
Public domain Photo Data
Flickr Commons catalogued public domain pictures and photos
CompFight searches Flickr for images, be sure to respect copyright notices
Clker images uploaded by users certified as public domain
Bing images Enter your search term, then use the license menu to select public domain images.

Tools to have fun with Text or pictures

  • Wordle Create word clouds of a series of related words (see header on RTI page)
  • Tagxedo Create word clouds and choose the type of shape for words, paste whole documents
  • You are your words Import your picture and then use words to create your own image.
  • Spell with Flickr Create a banner with letters in different patterns (see header on Mathematics page)
  • Cool Text Text and graphics generator (see header on content practice page)
  • free image and photo editing software for Windows
  • Teacher Files Website that allows you to create 3-D headers
  • BeFunky add a special effect to a photo
  • Shape Collage create a collage with photos
  • BigHugeLabs have fun with digital images to make motivational posters, color palettes, & more
  • DaFont free funky and fun fonts express yourself with letter shapes
  • Glogster a way to create your own online posters
  • Wondersay Animate text
  • Web Resizer
  • Pic Resize

Visuals for Communication or Visual Schedules