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California Distance Learning Project - Adult Learning Online
Articles with reading and learning activities for working, law, family, school, health, housing, money, science, service, travel and nature. Articles have been taken from many news sources and can be read or are available in auditory format. After each article, learning activities follow for vocabulary, spelling and factual knowledge.

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Goodwill Community Foundation Online Learning: Tutorials, information and interactive activities on many computer topics as well as reading, math, career, everyday life. Great resource for content practice as well as learning new tools.

Lessons for Living Well (beware page opens with auditory announcement). Resource for learning how to eat well AND practice English.

The Learning Edge Activities for literacy using the newspaper. Has auditory directions.

USA Learns A free website to practice learning English.

Free tutorials by Articulate Good guides for online learning

50 Great Sites for Online Educational Games: Ok this doesn't totally fit in this area, but I wasn't sure where else to link it as there are a lot of great simulations and games on this site by content area.

Online Job Application Practice

Experience Works

Miracle Widget Repairs Company -Practice Application

Using Employment Kiosk

Goodwill Application Practice