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Technology Training Tools
Effective Teaching Practice Tools
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Technology Training Tools

Ideas and information on evidence based practice to support the inclusion of students with disabilities in the general education classroom. Handouts, technical support, free Webinars,and lots of resources.
Using Technology to Support Diverse Learners
Information on ways to enhance instruction using technology
Teachnology online teacher resource
TechDis Toolbox resources, tips and videos to help student use technology efficiently

Effective Teaching Practices

Big Ideas in Reading
Discussion of the Five big ideas in reading & teaching suggestions
Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice
Techniques to develop school connectedness where students feel part of and valued at school
Iris Center
Modules with background information and teaching ideas for RTI, Behavior Management, Diversity
Project Mainstep
Anchored instruction to support teacher education: modules in reading, mathematics and functional behavior assessment.
American Institutes for Research
Best Practices for education
What Works Clearinghouse
Summary of research of best practices for core content areas.
Doing What Works
Research to practice site for translating research into classroom practice

Best Evidence Encyclopedia presents reliable, unbiased reviews of research-proven educational programs
Shared Work IDEA partnership communities of practice sharing and discussing policy and practice for research based interventions.
The Jigsaw Classroom Cooperative Learning Techniques to reduce conflict in the classroom.


Misunderstood Minds Activities for Attention, Reading, Writing and Mathematics
WebAim Simulations Activities related to ScreenReader, Low Vision, Dyslexia and Distractibility
TechDis Simulations Autism, Vision, Hearing, Dyslexia
Simulation for FASD This starts as soon as you click on the link so be ready!

Rick Lavoie YouTube Videos

FAT City Videos

Reading and Decoding (reversals)
Visual Perceptual Processing
Reading Comprehension
Risk Taking
Auditory story (once upon a time)

Social Skills & Motivation

Social Skills
When the chips are down
Air and Rest
Competition 1 of 3
Competition 2 of 3
Competition 3 of 3
Motivation Breakthrough 1 of 9
Motivation Breakthrough 2 of 9
Motivation Breakthrough 3 of 9
Motivation Breakthrough 4 of 9
Motivation Breakthrough 5 of 9
Motivation Breakthrough 6 of 9
Motivation Breakthrough 7 of 9
Motivation Breakthrough 8 of 9
Motivation Breakthrough 9 of 9
Rick Lavoie today Show

Learning Disabilities

What are learning disabilities
What is it like to have Dyslexia
My life with LD