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Puzzles and Word Searches

Teachers need tools too so they can work with others.
Carpenter measuring.

Resources to locate free tools, Activities and lessons

  • Adaptech Research Network Free and Inexpensive Adaptive Tools www.adaptech.org/
  • Thinkfinity www.thinkfinity.org/
  • 4Teachers www.4teachers.org Activities and tools to support instruction
  • Shrockguide - Kathy's guide to everything www.schrockguide.net/
  • Open Culture www.openculture.com/ free cultural and educational media
  • Free tutorials by Articulate www.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/the-worlds-largest-repository-of-free-online-learning-tutorials/
  • Awesome Library www.awesomelibrary.org/ over 35000 resources to support instruction
  • PBS - www.pbs.org Many activities related to public television stories
  • BBC www.bbc.co.uk/learning/ British Public broadcasting with activities for all subjects at different grades
  • Discovery School school.discovery.com resources and activities related to Discovery Channel
  • National Geographic www.nationalgeographic.com/ Lessons and online adventures
  • Education World www.education-world.com/ Searchable database of over 50,000 sites related to education, curriculum ideas, lesson plans, and hot topics of the week
  • Eduscapes eduscapes.com/ Many Tools for Life Long learners of all ages.
  • Federal Resources for Educational Excellence www.free.ed.gov/ Free searchable database of materials
  • Internet for Classrooms www.internet4classrooms.com/ Activities for integrating web activities.
  • AtoZTeachers Stuff atozteacherstuff.com/ pages and pages of teacher stuff
  • ABC Teacher www.abcteach.com/ online resources for activities, materials and lessons
  • The Teacher's Guide www.theteachersguide.com/ activities, materials and lesson plans
  • TALK: Classroom Literacy Guide teach.fcps.net/talk/ Technology assisting literacy knowledge nice resource for activities for specific software.
  • 42Explore 42explore.com/ thematic ideas across content areas.
  • Scholastic Teaching Resourceswww.scholastic.com/expo/ Integrating art and creativity across the curriculum
  • Webquest webquest.org/index.php what are they and search for created quests.
  • Zunal WebQuest Creator www.zunal.com/
  • Edsitement edsitement.neh.gov Educational Material suggested websites and lesson plans
  • OATS- Open Source Assistive Techology Software www.oatsoft.org/ Users can search for free software and developers can s hare their resources. EXCELLENT place to start.
  • IAE-Pedia iae-pedia.org/Main_Page Information Age Education free education oriented encyclopedia with links to free programs, videos and lessons
  • TED www.ted.com Website sharing from innovative thinkers and experts.
  • JISC TechDis Advisory Service on technologies for inclusion - simulations, tools and accessibility guidelines www.jisctechdis.ac.uk/
  • SERGE serge.ccsso.org/ Special Education Resources for General Educators

Teacher Resources for activity development


Survey & Form Tools


Quizzes & Tests

  • ProProfs www.proprofs.com/ free tools and resources. You can create and share quizzes, flashcards, bookmarking, blogs, discussion forums, wikis.
  • Purpose Games www.purposegames.com/ create Quiz and Trivia Games
  • Quizlet quizlet.com/ simple tools that let you study anything for free
  • QuizMaster www.cybertrain.info/quizman/qmhome.html This is a free (donations requested) site where you can use existing quizzes or make your own. You can save the quizzes you make. You can also purchase a copy of the software to download and use offline.
  • QuizFaber www.lucagalli.net/en/ This is a “freeware software Download for Windows that enables you to create multimedia quizzes as HTML documents… without any prior knowledge of HTML or JavaScript.”
  • Flashcard Machine www.flashcardmachine.com/ Create online flashcards


Classroom Activity Tools: Puzzles and Games

  • Create Your Own Adobe Suite www.lifehacker.com.au/2013/01/build-your-own-adobe-creative-suite-with-free-and-cheap-software/
  • Puzzle Maker puzzlemaker.school.discovery.com "Puzzlemaker is a puzzle generation tool for teachers, students and parents. Create and print customized word search, criss-cross, math puzzles, and more using your own word lists"
  • Word Search Generator www.netrover.com/~kingskid/wordsearch/wordsearch.htm
  • Mrs. O’s Puzzles and Projects www.mrsoshouse.com/ create puzzles and projects and internet search activities.
  • Hot Potatoes www.halfbakedsoftware.com/hot_pot.php "create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web.”
  • Sharendipity beta.sharendipity.com/ Create Custom Web Applications
  • Class Tools classtools.net/ Create free educational Games and quizzes
  • What2Learn www.what2learn.com/ Game based learning
  • Jeopardy Labs jeopardylabs.com/ create and use jeopardy games this is NOT Powerpoint!!
  • Parade of Games in PowerPoint facstaff.uww.edu/jonesd/games/ Many templates for Powerpoint games
  • Create your Own Games resources.oswego.org/games/