Social Media

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This page contains links for information on how to use social media effectively in the classroom, specially designed educational media tools and sites for information on social media.

Google in Education All the google tools to assist in education
FakeBook Use this to create a profile pages for educational purposes and study - consider a "Facebook" page for George Washington for example
Mighty Bell Don't worry if you can't use Facebook, create online groups for creative projects
Edmodo connect learners with resources
Kidblog easily create a class and import a whole class list with names and passwords

Social Media for Kids Teaching young people how to navigate the web in a safe manner.

Search Education a tool to help teach students good searching skills

Froggy the Internet Wizard A bookbuilder book for students to teach them about the Internet, possible dangers and cautions.
Anti-Cyberbullying for Parents A bookbuilder resource for parents for monitoring responsible use for their children.

ScreenCast and Video Creation

Jing Screenshots and screencasts - videos of your computer screen
Screencast-O-Matic Free online screen capture recording
ScreenR Records directly from web page and videos play on Mac, PC and even iPhone.
GoView Screencapture that allows some editing
Overstream Screencast videos that provide ability to add sub-titles

WeVideo Video Editing