Web Resources to Support Reading & Writing

Screen Readers and word processing
Spelling, Word Prediction and Speech Recognition
Creating Reading Fluency Probes

Reading & Writing support: Uncluttering and Summarizing

  • Readability add on tool for Firefox or Chrome, create bookmarklet to make online reading less cluttered, does not provide audio but makes it easier to use audio support on a page www.readability.com/
  • Text Compactor www.textcompactor.com/ Free online autosummarize tool, as they removed autosummarize from Word 2010.
  • Wikipedia Simple Text - consider translating any wikipedia page into the Simple English version
  • Summarize This (paste in text and click summarize to get a summary of the text) www.summarizethis.com
  • WikiSummarizer www.wikisummarizer.com Search Wikipedia, have articles summarized by key points, and lists of articles that are related to your original search provided.

Text to speech - document reading on the screen

  • Balabolka www.cross-plus-a.com/balabolka.htm
  • Typeit Readit www.schoolfreeware.com/TypeIt_ReadIt.html convert text to sound and insert into other programs
  • Natural Voice Reader for Windows & Mac – www.naturalreaders.com highlights words as they are spoken
  • NVDA - Nonvisual desktop access www.nvda-project.org/ open source screen reader for the Microsoft Windows
  • WordTalk download plug-in for all older versions of Windows MS Word www.wordtalk.org
  • Text2Speech www.adamberent.com/Text2Speech.html
  • Speaktext www.speaktext.com/index.htm works with Vista, convert text to speech and export into Mp3
  • PowerTalk fullmeasure.co.uk/powertalk/ Add audio to Powerpoint. For Windows.
  • Read the Words www.readthewords.com Register and then it is free, has a tutorial, web based uses an avatar
  • Voki www.voki.com/ Create a talking avatar to have it read a student's speech
  • Blabberize www.blabberize.com create a speech and then have different characters speak
  • Read and Write for Google Docs & Web Pages - Chrome Extension (30 days for free and then basic reading afterwards)
  • Schoolware Downloads www.schoolfreeware.com/Downloads.html Free Schoolware downloads to assist those who need accommodations

Text to speech - for Web Browsers

  • TechDis AT Toolbar www.atbar.org Download for Windows or support to add in to Browser tools
  • .CLiCK Speak Bundle clickspeak.clcworld.net/ open source, freely available extension for the Firefox web browser does not work with 10.0.1
  • ChromeSpeak: App for Chrome, copy and paste test to have it read.
  • FireVox firevox.clcworld.net/ Screenreader designed for Firefox does not work with 10.0.1
  • VozMe insert tool into browser or add to web page select text to read vozme.com/
  • Audio Pal www.audiopal.com/ free tool to add audio bar into a browser
  • WebAnywhere webanywhere.cs.washington.edu/wa.php non-visual interface for the web that can be accessed on any public computer to read web pages.
  • BrowseAloud www.browsealoud.com/ allows all browsealoud enabled web pages to be read
  • Free OCR www.free-ocr.com/ upload a file (jpg, gif, 1 page pdf) and have it converted to text


  • ZAMZAR zamzar.com a wonderful resource for converting document into other formats, one which happens to be mp3.
  • ABC2MP3 www.abc2mp3.com/ Resource to convert documents into mp3
  • Spoken Text spokentext.net/ upload ANY document & Spoken text will create audio recordings
  • Yakitome www.yakitome.com/ text to speech, listen and share, create podcasts.
  • TextReader www.codepoetry.net/projects/textreader/ for Mac OSX, convert a text file and save for a file for iPod.

Tools to help with word support: spelling and word prediction

  • Click N’ Type’s word prediction and keyboard with scanning option – www.lakefolks.org/cnt/
  • Ginger Software www.gingersoftware.com (corrects spelling and grammar) Ginger extension available for Chrome
  • Ghotit Context Spell Check www.ghotit.com
  • LetmeType www.clasohm.com/lmt/en/ Autocomplete for applications beyond office.
  • Writing Sample Analyzer–bluecentauri.com/tools/writer/sample.php word counts, paragraph analysis
  • Spell Checker www.spellchecker.net/ online spell checker, grammar and thesaurus
  • Free Online Spell Checker www.jspell.com/public-spell-checker.html English, French, Spanish, Italian, German
  • Free Spell hcidesign.com/freespell/ download spell checker to work with all Windows-based programs

Voice and Speech Recognition

  • eSpeaking www.e-speaking.com/ telling your computer what to do (windows only)
  • E-triloquist www.etriloquist.com/index.html originally known as SpeakEasy,

Reading support: Creating reading fluency probes from digital curriculum materials

Apps to Support Reading and Writing

10 Apps for Learners who struggle with Reading and Writing paulhami.edublogs.org/2012/02/21/10-apps-for-learners-who-struggle-with-reading-andor-writing/