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Content Area Practice

Although I do not advocate drill and practice, for some of the basic skills such as math facts, spelling, capitols and states, and memorization tasks that will slip into inert knowledge after the test, I know that schools still operate on the "test-taking" model. This page is devoted to free tools for students to practice basic skills or enhance

Sparknotes be sure to check the home page, many spark notes and test prep for students
60 second recap
Help Kids Learn

Transition and Life Skills

Survival Skills 101 Activities for Weather, Money and Community (flash file)
Goodwill Community Foundation Everyday Life: Range of free tutorials: Food, money, work, shopping, Budgeting

General Tools

Arcademic Skill builders practice math or language skills (part of the 4Teachers family of tools)
The Problem Site a variety of games for math, words,
HippoCampus collaboration to support high quality online instruction in various middle and high school content areas
Owl and Mouse
CrickWeb over 172 free resources to support educational content
Web Weather for Kids
Wild Weather
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Spelling & Vocabulary

Vocabulary For every correct answer, donate grains of rice, pick your topic

Spelling City Students can type in their spelling words and play a variety of games with them.
Quizlet create and share flash cards
Grammar Ninja
Vocab Genii Build vocabulary with friends (difficult game even at easy level, involves spelling as much as vocabulary)

Mathematics Practice

Big Brainz Multiplication Tables Video Game
Math pre-made math games or create your own

Foreign Language

BabelFish translate any set of text