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Apps to Support Reading and Writing and students with Disabilities

10 Apps for Learners who struggle with Reading and Writing
Apps for Autism apps ability to search for ideas for apps - great toolWriting Apps
iPad Apps for Special Needs free online book
Free Educational Apps
iPad Apps for Schools from Richard Byrne - same blogger as Freetech4teachers.
Apps for Dyslexia
Mom's With Apps - Students with Special Needs
Apps for Special Needs
Scholastic 35 free apps
Apps for Special Education
40 Apps for Students with Disabilities (not all free)

iPad Apps for Writing:

Doodle Buddy (art and editing program)
Book Creator (4.99)
Wordfoto (1.99) turn photos into art work
ComicTouch Lite (free)
My Story -Bookmaker for kids (1.99)
Talkappella - turn your message into a song (free)

Free online course: Accessibility Features for iPad

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